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Wedding Chairs and Drapes for your Special Day

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Wedding drapes and covered chairs are not new anymore since this has been used many times in every special occasion. Although not all people are in favor to this type of design, but for most people who are in an average amount of budget reached out for this type of package because it is more affordable and it can easily be decorated as well just like any other designs and styles.

Venue drapes maximize the beautiful design and decorations of the whole place. Imagine entering into the wedding venue with drapes displayed uniquely and styled and patterned differently as to how you want it to be decorated. This requires a skilled wedding drape professional who has been in the business for many years like at that can do designs and styles tailor fit with your needs. Wedding colors and themes can be applied as to whatever is your wedding motif. Most color that is used for the wedding is white since this can blend into different colors. Just remember that if you are using other colors for the drape make sure that it will not exaggerate the entire place with clashed colors as this will eventually make It look too occupied or perhaps you may have visitors in the wedding who can’t stand too much lively colors.


Draping comes in a variety of designs that will the entire room or space looks sophisticated. It is designed according to the venue as well. This comes in different length of sizes because not all wedding venues are of the same space and length. Drape fabrics are very gorgeous as this can be seen as flowy and has a tough of elegance, it is very stunning once everything in the wedding venue are done. You would see how it can make a big difference every time there is a wedding or any event in which drapes can be very useful. As per the use of draping chairs it is your choice as to how you’re going to design and style the drapes.

Covered chairs are always paired up with the tables with beautiful and elegant centerpieces. Covered chairs are not just merely covering your chairs with a white piece of cloth, this also requires a good skill to designed it neatly and presentable with sash of wedding color and theme. This can be done with a skilled professional such as at tying it up in a manner that it will also look elegant and at the same time very presentable will make you not want to destroy the chair while you are sitting. This comes with a very soft cottony covers which measures the exact size of the chair that is to be used on the day of the wedding.

The bride and the groom’s chair should mostly be designed because you and your husband are the stars in the wedding event. You need to be treated as King and Queen through the styling and decorating the chair with drapes and or cover and other decorations that can be used for the bride and groom. As everything flow gracefully, having all your desires are important and should be met by your professional venue dressers.

How to Restore Your Mirrors

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How to Restore Your Mirrors

Vintage mirrors have such an old antique feel to them and can add such a sense of glamour with their ornate frames. Restoring the glass of a very old mirror can be a very delicate process and a thorough but extremely gentle cleaning of the glass is just the first step!

The results of mirror restoration can be very unpredictable and that is why there is companies out there like as they restore mirrors into window frames to create beautiful outdoor look window finishes. Below we have a step by step of how to restore a mirror yourself:

  • Always make to remove the mirror from the actual frame but you’ve got to be so careful. Not only is this glass you’re handling but it is very old! You can slowly and carefully pry the glass loose with a screwdriver or similar flat tool. Give the glass a thorough clean and dry it with a cloth.
  • Apply some paint stripper to remove any backing paint. Most mirrors have this and the paint stripper should be left on for a minimum of twelve hours so usually overnight. Leave the mirror on a large painters’ cloth or newspaper for you to work on. Test one corner by gently lifting the paint off the mirror. Peel all of the backing paint away slowly and give the back another thorough cleaning.
  • Did you know old silver can contain mercury? No? Wear your marigolds! You don’t want that getting on your skin. Apply a chemical silver remover and use the scraper to remove any excess debris. Clean the glass thoroughly to remove all chemical traces and dry with a clean cloth. Do not handle the glass with bare hands from this point on as your hands are generally oily. Companies such as do a mirror restoration on a regular basis so while you can hire a company to do it you could easily follow these instructions to do it yourself.
  • Before starting you should have bought some wooden blocks to balance your glass on. Place the wood blocks into a shallow pan at an angle, with the bottom of the blocks resting against the side and bottom of the pan. Place the glass on the wood, so that the glass is also resting at an angle. Use double-sided tape if necessary to hold the glass in place. Cut several pieces of waxed paper slightly larger than each sheet of silver leaf. Cut one piece of waxed paper for every sheet of silver leaf that will be applied to the glass twice
  • Start in a corner and brush the sizing on to the glass in strips. Cover the entire area at once if the glass is small in size. Allow any extra sizing to drip off into the pan
  • Place a sheet of waxed paper very carefully over a piece of silver leaf. Rub it gently all over until the entire sheet of silver leaf attaches to the wax paper. Lift the wax paper carefully by the edges, taking care not to touch the silver leaf. Position the leaf over the wet glass and slowly lower it onto the glass.
  • Hold the wax paper with one hand and carefully rub a finger over the wax paper until the silver leaf attaches to the glass. Start in the middle and work your way toward the edges, squeezing out extra sizing and wrinkles as you go.
  • Allow the sizing to rest for six to eight hours. Place the glass on a level surface. Start in the middle and gently rub the surface of the silver, using a soft felt cloth. Remove wrinkles as you work your way toward each edge.
  • Apply a protective backing of black acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, for eight to 12 hours. Place the mirror back into its frame.

Top 5 Golf Destinations

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Top 5 Golf Destinations

Choosing where to have a break is always difficult as it’s flooded with choices from spas to themed weekend breaks abroad. There are a lot of fun weekend ideas and part of those weekends can include a heck of a round of golf with your friends. Some stag parties are geared toward golf breaks with their colleagues, friends and families and are the ultimate in men to men bonding. Golf has been one of the world’s most popular sports for a long time now and while it’s difficult, we’ve listed for you five of the top golf destinations:

  • Spain: Southern Spain is one of the biggest golf hubs and this is mainly thanks to the all year round warm climates and over 100 courses to pick from. San Roque hosts the European Tour’s qualifying school and it neighbours the western Costa del Sol. Almeria, Cadiz and Malaga have some of the most beautiful golfing greens and is nearby to Anadalusia so if you’re away with family who aren’t interested in golf, there’s gorgeous beaches, rich cultures and excellent cuisine.
  • Scotland: St Andrews is ranked as one of the top golfing destinations in the UK and tons of golfers who are anyone make a point of playing here. There are seven prominent Championship golf courses and Gleneagles is also said to surpass world courses and beautiful scenery along with fantastic space for a round or two, what more could you want? Grab your golf clubs and hop onto the nearest golf cart and off you go!
  • USA: Maine or New Mexico? Either one has plentiful greens as well as award winning courses available for play. Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club has been ranked as the number one course in the USA and it’s actually one of the most exclusive in the world and as a sport, golf is right up there with baseball.
  • South Africa: Challenging courses can be found all over South Africa but Garden Route’s Pinnacle Point Championship Golf course near Mossel Bay is one of the most famous. Caddies are an option at all South African golf courses.
  • Portugal: With 80 top quality golf courses, Portugal’s courses are hard to beat and with the sunshine and views, clifftop courses are always available to tee-off on. San Lorenzo on the Algarve is one of the most loved courses and it was awarded the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence.

Wherever you choose to take your golf weekend, it’s not always about the course but the entire destination itself and making sure you have more to your holiday than where you set your tee down is so important. Travelling away for a golf holiday is a way to relax, unwind and using golf as a business incentive is extremely popular especially breaks abroad. It adds that little touch of luxury to your break which is something that most have to pay that little extra to achieve.

Wedding Stationery: Choosing the Right Company

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Wedding Stationery: Choosing the Right Company

There are literally hundreds of design and print companies out there that deal with wedding invitations but the company that you choose has to be right. You want to convey elegance, have an open line of communication and link with a company that are committed to offering you an excellent service. One of the best out there is and they are the kind of company who want to inspire excellence and artfulness while offering a professional, unmatched service.

Not only do they have a shop attached to their website, offer a bespoke design service that is unrivalled for your unique ideas. Lilac and White don’t just specialise in invitations, but also place cards, save the dates and thank you cards. Their products are made to the highest standard and they offer a range of designs along with that. From the moment your order has been finalised, you can expect a week to wait for your order to have the designs finalised, printed and packaged to reach you. The website has a range of options for delivery so if you prefer a tracked courier service, you can absolutely choose that. Give yourself some peace of mind and lessen the stress as Lilac and White can ensure your invitations and other wedding stationery arrive right on time when you expect them.

Every year there are lots of well-timed wedding exhibitions or shows peppered across the wedding season, where companies of all kinds can display the stationery they have to offer and there are a lot of choices. You need to look for a company that can offer a full, well-rounded service in one. Using the same company for table cards, save the dates and invitations can sometimes mean you get a good offer or money off on bulk design and printing. Order of service cards can be ordered to match your wedding colours or invitation style; or both!

The best part is that right now subscribing to you can get money off your first order. Everything can be ordered via the online shop 24 hours a day which makes it more convenient for you and your life. Choosing a printing company you can trust with your wedding stationery is a little bit of a minefield when there’s so much to get going with for your big day. However, keeping that in mind you don’t want to skimp on quality no matter your budget. Lilac and White have been designing stationery for happy couples both in the UK and overseas. Stuck for inspiration? There is an excellent mood board available showcasing all the invitations and stationery that we offer that have actually been printed for various weddings.

Getting married doesn’t have to be stressful or make you cry; Lilac and White can offer stunning designs, admirable artwork with excellent prices and delivery. Make things easier on yourself and choose a company worth your wedding day.

Brief History of Country Clothing in Britain and the Binoculars

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There is not much of a history about country clothing in Britain, but surely it is interesting to find out how they started using these clothes, especially the men’s country clothing. Country clothing in Britain is mostly formal attire already in other countries. But in Britain, it is now everyday clothes for some of the people living there. Men’s country clothing there is interesting and can make a man as good looking as they are. With binoculars it is also exciting to know who first introduced or discovered it. The reasons and where it is being used.

Binoculars brief history

It was 1600s that the astronomers were able to get the concept of mounting the two telescopes together, which made it to be the first binoculars. Galileo was frequently falsely credited of inventing the binoculars, but then he only adapted the design and uses the combination of concave and convex lenses to make a great magnifying effect, which is now being used in nonprismatic glasses that is marketed for theater viewing, sports or for children’s use. Mid-1850s when Ignacio Porro patented the Z design which is using two prisms to produce results of not only magnifying an object but this also with depth. Then later on the roof prisms were followed. Soon the binoculars were used by the military during the Civil War. Binoculars become a business of many countries, developed it for more comfortable used. If you would like to view and purchase binoculars in the future the website to visit is:

British men and women country clothes

It is all through the 19th century and early years of the 20th century that the traditional country clothes became a popular option for the wealthy people who are living in the British countryside and those who are traveling for leisure. The British on upper classes are attending sports events that are being organized by owners of the English country houses. Since the British do not own country houses, therefore they have to wear practical and also durable clothing. There are still tailors that are producing 1st country clothing fashion and some were granted royal warrant, meaning this country clothing will be used as basic and just worn only in this country. Now designers are developing more styles that will be suitable for people’s everyday use. Want to see more country clothes for men? Here is the website:

Binoculars and the British men’s country clothing can be both useful when people need to travel around Britain or when they need to attend sports. There are times that you cannot enjoy every moment when you are viewing at a distance. And it is not comfortable when you are not wearing country clothes and boots when you need to join an equestrian sport. If you are going to watch this you will enjoy more with binoculars. You can just go online and shop around to see the best binoculars for you and the best country clothing for men that fit the occasion you are going to attend.

5 Tips on Hair and Makeup for Beginners

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girl_red_hair_makeup_manicure_face_29077_2560x1600If you are using hairsprays, especially the one for the long hold, make sure that you are spraying it at least 6- 8 inches away from your head. Hair sprays, the long hold once, the ones that makes you hair style be in place is for your hair, not for your scalp, if you will spray it close to your hair, the liquid solution itself, not the mist anymore will go to your scalp and it will create a lot of scalp problems.

large Keep in mind that there are different shades of concealer to use on your face like the basic ones are for your under eye area, and the other one is for spot concealing, the process where you hide blemishes on different parts of your face. For your under eye area, the concealer you choose should be 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone since aside from the fact that it will cover your dark circles down there, it will also act as a highlighter and it also lifts your under eye area instead of sag. Then for spot concealing, it is the one that should match your foundation, not lighter and definitely not darker. The main point of spot concealing is to conceal those blemishes, like blend on to the rest of your skin and not to be noticed. If you want to get professional help with your hair and makeup then go to

When you are putting blush on, keep in mind that a little goes a long way on the apple of your cheeks. You might be wondering why some makeup artists puts blush on different sides of the face, that is because of the different techniques being used by professionals depending on the purpose or the look that they wanted to achieve. So stick to the basic first and always remember to blend, remember, you are not a clown. But if you are not confident with your hair and makeup skills then go to for a semi permanent makeup.

assymetric-hair-tutorial-up-do-side-pony-chignon-bun-french-braid-style-wedding-bridalHave a good skin care routine. A good makeup will always depend on the skin. That is when you think you already know all the makeup procedures and techniques that are applicable to you but your makeup does not look good just like a professional makeup artists work, the answer is skin care. If you think that you are having breakage and zits when you use makeup, that is because you have a poor skin care routine, stop blaming it on makeup. A good skincare routine includes your facial wash, toner and moisturizer. Yes, you need all of that, your facial wash is never enough.

Learn the basics first. Before you do ahead and learn all the different techniques in makeup such as baking, strobing, highlighting, contouring and other complicated stuff for beginners, make sure that you know that basics so that you will be able to understand the principles lying beneath in every makeup technique. For starters, you might want to start learning in choosing the right shade for you, like knowing your undertone first and the rest will follow. If you already know your undertone, you would then already know the shades of foundation to choose, the correct shade of blush and the correct shades of red and pink lipsticks.

Major Components of a Hot Tub Worth Checking Upon Purchase

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Buying a hot tub is only natural if you are interested in enjoying an outdoor bathtub while in the comfort of your own home. To ensure that you are buying the right quality product for your home use, there are major components you have to pay attention to. Here are the major components worth checking up on when buying hot tubs from

SHELL. The ideal shell should be made of fiberglass, resin, and acrylic. It should have a thickness of at least five millimeters. The strategic areas like the seat bottom or the edges must be reinforced with fiberglass too. Ask personally to view the material and verify the thickness. The finish of the said hot tub can either be granite-like, pearl, or matte.DSC_4738

INSULATION. Especially when installed in houses found in places with rigorous climate, then you have to find a hot tub that has top-class insulation. Otherwise, your water bill will ridiculously increase. Moreover, if there is power outage, then the water will cool down immediately. Choosing the most effective insulation for the hot tub that you are buying.

SKIRT. Generally, the outdoor bathtub has a wooden structure surrounding it. The said structure is meant to support and level the shell. The said structure is what is called the skirt. It should have an outer layer that is made from resin or cedar. Also, the skirt should be treated to prevent the color from fading. The treatment can be made with water-repellent products.

PUMP. The pump is basically what controls the jet power. If you want a quick dip with low turbulence, then you are fine with having one pump. If it is for therapeutic massages, then you need to have two pumps, with another one added if you want a more vigorous water massage. The more jets the hot tub possesses, the more powerful the pumps are.

ACCESSORIES. The hot tubs should have accessories of a least one light and control panel. You can opt to have more control systems for your hot tub. The control panel usually has digital controls which can help the user regulate the temperature of the water in increments of one degree. Look for other accessories that are highly recommended for the hot tub.

COVER. The cover is what plays a key role for protecting the water inside the hot tub from any debris. It also prevents the children from entering into the hot tub without the supervision of adults. Lastly, the cover is meant to maintain the water’s temperature. The minimum requirement for the cover is that it should support a young child’s weight.

FILTRATION. The importance of the filtration system cannot be stressed enough. Take note that the filtration system is what prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the hot tub’s water. It is preferable to have an antibacterial filter cartridge that has a capability of cleaning the surface. Every quality hot tub should have a water filtration system that can efficiently and effectively clean the hot tub’s water. You better choose your water filtration system well.

Some Tips on Getting the Best Wedding Invites

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If you are in the process of ordering your wedding invitations, it is important that you are ordering the right kind. You need to remember that there are several elements that need to be present for these invitations to be right for you. It is necessary that you have an idea of what you are looking for before you will decide to check out and see what it is that they have to offer. Here are some of the things that you need to look out for.

Start by knowing what you want. It is always important that you have an idea of the kind of invitations that you want to be printed for you it is easier to go through the ordering process when you are very clear about what you want. you have to be sure of how you expect these invites to be this allows you to give good instructions to the people that will be making it so the outputs are going to be nothing short of perfect for you.3

Set a budget too. All too often, people forget how important it is that they have an idea how much it is that they are willing to spend for the invites. Of course, you have to remember that what you are willing to pay is what you are going to get as well. It is important though that you have a good notion of how much you are able to spend as far as your budget goes. This way, you are sure that you will spend just the right figures to get some very good quality invites as well.

Find the right experts that can be tasked in getting the invites done for you too. You need to know what are the names of possible professionals that you can hire to design the invitation and then have them printed out for you in the numbers that you need. If you have no idea who or where you can find these people, ask around, get suggestions. You will be delighted to know that there are a number of options for you to select from these days.

Avoid ordering invitations on the phone, the reason for this is because making your orders over the phone is only likely to increase the possibility of mistakes. It is always important that you will only check the details about these invites at However, when the time comes for you to actually have to make the orders, always opt to get it done in person. This is necessary so you are sure that the instructions that you provide them with are going to be followed to a tee.

Always make sure that you get proofs of the design before you decide to get them signed off and the printing process is stated. You need to be able to see a final look of how these invites are going to look like. This is important especially since this gives you an idea of the final output that you can expect if you are to decide to push through with the style. Also, have other people check out the design for you to make sure that it is indeed as attractive as you think it is.

Understanding the Need for Applying the Right Sunscreen

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If you have not been taking people seriously when they told you of the importance of wearing sunscreen when you are up and about, it is high time that you do. You need to remember that these are products that make it possible for you to be better protected from the heat of the sun. There are harmful rays that the sun emits, after all that may cause you to be prone to skin diseases and other issues in the long run. Buying the right products that can better protect your skin along the way is very important.

Not a lot of people are convinced of the importance of buying these products at and using them. if you are still not sold on the idea, then it is about time that you will take a closer look at the benefits that you can expect to get if you will start sporting these products and applying them on your skin, here are some of the things that you can expect to benefit from if you are to use these items.

One of the things why you are encouraged to get these sun creams from  is the fact that the ozone layer is continuously depleting over the years and hence, is no longer able to rein in the many harmful rays that the sun emits. UV rays are not things that you can actually see by your naked eye. So, even during a particularly cloudy dat. you may not realize it, but your skin is already taking a beating from the UV rays that the sin is emitting. This is why you have to be more proactive when it comes to better protecting your skin.3

It is important to note that the threat of skin cancer is real. being exposed to the sun all the time is only likely to increase the possibility of you getting the condition, this is why it is very important that you will minimize the possibility of you getting the disease by protecting yourself through the use of these products. This is a very good opportunity for you to find the right products that are going to have all the necessary properties that will make it a lot easier for you to avoid those instances where you might have skin conditions and other sun-related ailments.

You can also avoid those spots on your skin and your face when you will choose to add these sun creams to your skin. There are people that have skin colorations and pigmentations as they age. These are conditions that can be properly avoided if they will take the time to actually apply sun creams every time they will decide to step out of the house and enjoy some time while out of doors.

Do find the right products though. The market tends to offer several choices and options to select from that it can be sometimes hard to decide which products are expected to work best for you. Use this opportunity to ensure that the products you are getting are well-reviewed ones. This is necessary so you can trust that these are sun creams that can really do the job of better protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

What To Do In Order To Stay Up Late

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In the progressive environment that we are in today, lots of people are having two to three jobs per day in order to sustain their expenses. We are just humans and we normally get tired from all the works that we are having how much more if we have two to three jobs to handle? Stress and pressure for sure are the two major enemies that we might encounter. As a result, we get easily tired and drained out. This would not just affect out health but also creates a big impact towards our work. Our work performance is always a big factor for the company to consider in retaining us.

One of the pressures that we could encounter is when we have to finish a project that will be due on the next day. We can never avoid our body from getting tired from all the strenuous activities that we are having for the whole day. However, there are several ways for us to keep our self up to finish all the pending projects that we need to finish before early morning. To help you out, the following are practical things that you might want to try out for you to stay up and finish all your pending work.

Eat apple – Apples contain pectin which is known to help you stay alert and awake. Aside from the variety of vitamins that apple fruits contain, its pectin content is one of the major reasons why it is recommended to be eaten by someone who wanted to stay up late. It helps the person by having better concentration and thinking that will be an ace to finish the pending work on time. Apart from that, it will also prevent you from acquiring constipation and endocrine problems which are the usual result for always staying up late.

Drink a cup of hot coffee – One of the oldest and traditional ways in order for a person to stay up late is to drink hot cup of coffee. Coffee is known to have a high content of caffeine which will make a person alive and awake even at dawn. The results would be much appreciated once the coffee is purely brewed. This is one of the major remedy for busy and workaholic people for them to beat up their deadline. Nowadays, there are newly invented machines that will aid us in making a cup of delicious coffee which is a coffee vending machine. It will instantly create coffee that comes in an affordable rate. Freshly brewed coffee at an affordable rate is not just convenient but is also pocket friendly. For more information how this thing works, you can check it out at

Sip in cold water – When you allow yourself to drink water, it will refresh your mind and your body as well. The intention of having you drink cold water is not to suffer from brain freeze and suddenly not feel sleepy. Instead, what we are promoting here is for you to have a bit of break to compose your thoughts while taking the time to drink at the nearest water station in your office. There are several water stations that are legally available at most office space which are of pure quality. If you wish to learn more from these vending machines, you can look for it at